What is SEO And How it Works


Seo (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the key processes to rank your website in top of the search engine without using any PPC campaigns. I am going to explain what is SEO and how it works in the search engine and what are the techniques of search engine optimization to improve the ranking of a website. For a full-time Blogger, affiliate marketer SEO is the job, through this they are earning money for there livelihood.

What is Seo (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is the process of doing a certain task to improve ranking in the search engine to gain more traffic. Google uses a formula to calculate website ranking and based on ranking it display website to search engine page. Please read this article How Google Search Engine Works to understand how Google crawl pages and give the ranking. Then you will understand there are more than 200 factors, which Google consider while giving the ranking. Now the question is?

How SEO Works:

Search engine optimization helps you to focus on those all factors, by improving them you can increase the ranking of website easily. SEO provides two techniques called on page optimization & off page optimization. By following these two methods you can do proper SEO.

Whenever any search engine or Google crawls your website or blog, a properly done SEO website. It started believing that the website contains good information, engaging and very relative to users. It checks all its parameter and a good SEO site gets the higher rank. Whenever any user search any keyword if it’s matching to your website then It will display you on top of its below-ranked websites.

Types of SEO Optimization:

On Page Optimization:

On Page Optimization is a process of doing changes inside the website and improve its ranking. For example, a restaurant can do changes in seating arrangement, comfort, ambience and improve its ranking. In some ways, there is certain method through which we can do changes inside the website and get better ranking in google search engine. I will share on page optimization method on my next post.

Off Page Optimization:

Off Page Optimization is a process of doing changes outside the website and improve its ranking. For example, a restaurant can do advertisement through pamphlet, hoardings, Facebook ads and encourage the customer to visit the website, through this way also it can improve its ranking. There is the certain method through which we can do changes outside the website and get better ranking in google search engine. I will share off page optimization method on my next post.

SEO works on many factors, on page and off page optimization techniques will improve your SEO score. I am trying to give you answer of what is SEO and how it works and in my next tutorial, you will learn the techniques used to improve SEO. Its just detailed information about what is search engine optimization and how it works and introduction to some factors and techniques of SEO. You start doing SEO after Creating A Website or @Createing a Blog.

 What is Search Engine Marketing:

Its a process of internet marketing, where we promote any product or service to the search engine using free SEO guide or Pay Per Click techniques and tools. SEM is a combination of SEO+PPC, however, SEM more concern about PPC Campaigns or paid activity to gain traffic, leads or sales. In SEO we do focus on free work to get the result but in SEM we need to pay for getting a result.

Why SEO:

  • To improve website ranking in search engine.
  • To gain more traffic to website or blog without advertisement.
  • To gain the long-term competitive advantage.
  • Helps to build a brand.
  • To create awareness and branding.
  • To earn money easily through Adsense, media.net or any other publishers.
  • A key to earn good money through affilate marketing.
  • and many more benefits are there.

Some Important Factors in SEO:


The term used by the visitor to find information. For example, I want to look for digital marketing training institute in Hyderabad, then I will open browser and type “Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Hyderabad” then it will start showing me the results. So the terms “Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Hyderabad” is called as keywords.


The link given to your site from another website is called backlink. The good number of high quality and relative backlink will help you to improve your website ranking in google search easily. If you ask any SEO Guide or expert what is seo and how it works then he will definitely say the keyword, content and backlinks

Mobile Responsive:

If your website is responsive in desktop as well as mobile, chances of getting high rank in the search engine will increase. Nowadays Google is giving priority to the website who is mobile friendly. In 2018 Mobile responsive design website templates are going to be high in demand.


Content is always a King, The best content will get higher ranking but what the meaning of the best content. A content who is easily readable, understood by the audience and engaging, a content who force people to discuss, share and comment and grammatical mistake free. Google doesn’t believe in lengthy content, Its focus is more on quality content.

Apart from these factors there are so much more but we will discuss later, I hope you understood what is SEO and how it works with the search engine to improve website ranking and drive more traffic. Through a good SEO, we can save our money and generate good leads easily. Is your website working fine with SEO, if not comment below? I will check and give you suggestion.