How Google Search Engine Works


Google is one of the top search engines, to get more traffic and rank your keywords in the search engine it is very important to understand how Google search engine works for crawling, indexing and giving ranking to website and keywords. Understanding of how google search engine works to crawl a website and its ranking factor will help you to plan a better search engine optimization strategy for your website. Most of the popular bloggers and digital marketers based on search engine ranking factors they decide on page optimization and off page optimization activity.

How Google Search Engine Works:

In short Google search engine first, crawl your website and then index in its directory with the help of Googlebot and based on keywords it matches with its directory and displays to users based on its ranking factors. So let’s understand some terminology first and then I will explain in more details.

What is Crawling: Process of searching and collecting data on website like links, images, videos etc

What is Indexing: Keeping the collected data information into a directory in a systematic way.

What is Googlebot: Google automated system which does crawling and indexing task.

What is SEO And How it Works

Let’s understand in more in-depth, how search engine works

When your website is ready with content then automatically within 24 hours Googlebot comes to the website and started crawling your website. If Google didn’t crawl your website then you need to create a sitemap and submit it to Google, then he will start crawling. How this search engine process works.

Google web crawler know as Googlebot goes through all the web pages on the world wide web, Googlebot works automatically and collect data from all websites globally very quickly and make sure these sites are most current updated websites. Googlebot works 24 hours and crawl and recrawl the websites and check how often a website is getting updated.

How a website is having a new content, it decides based upon how the website contents are changing. For example, a news website changes frequently because of a frequent update but a company website changes very rarely. Based on content changes and modification also it decides website ranking. Here newspaper website will be ranked high because of its updating fastly.

It also checks how many links a web page or website contains and the value of internal and external links, this is called link juice.  Also, check content quality, keywords placement, images, videos, and relevancy.  This is also one of the factors on deciding web page ranking for google search engine.

After crawling all the websites it creates an index page in its database, This index page contains all the search terms or keywords, rankings, and link of the website.

When the visitor or user type keyword in google search engine, it matches keyword with its index page. The keyword which is most relevant, it displays to the user with its description. Google considers some 200 factors while giving the ranking, however, page rank is one of the topmost factors and based on page rank only, it shows the result to the user. Whose page rank is high, his/her website will be at the top of search engine, I hope you understood how Google search engine works to display the search result. Within a fraction of the second Googlebot do all these things.

Learn How Google Search Engine Works From Google Itself:

Few Important Factors Consider Google To Give Ranking in 2018:

  • Publish High-Quality Content
  • Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly
  • Create a Secure Website (HTTPS)
  • Improve Your User Experience
  • Optimize Your Page Speed
  • master Your On-Page Optimization
  • Earn Relevant & Authoritative Backlinks

Now you understood the factors consider by google search engine while ranking the website, plan well your on page and off page optimization strategy and keep moving forward. If you didn’t understand how Google search engine works, must watch the video once. Still have an issue in this, comment your query below.